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                Company profile
                Southeast Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. located in Suzhou, China, is an innovative company that specializes in the research and development of innovative drugs. The promoters have many years’ experience of working in domestic and international Institute of large pharmaceutical companies or universities innovative drug, grasp the advantages of the domestic and international drug development. When the company set up,it ... more>>
                Contact us

                Mr. Li Mobile +86-189 1310 9969

                Tel: +86-512-6272 9923

                Fax: +86-512-6272 9923

                Address: Room C316, 150 RenAi Road, Suzhou, P. R. CHINA

                Post Code: 215000

                Email: info@szsep.com / sale@szsep.com

                Add: Room C316, 150 RenAi Road, Suzhou, P. R. China Tel:0517-86993111;0512-62729923

                Copyright: Southeast Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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